18 août 2017
After 6 months of works, Les Combes Cachées eventually entered their new wine cellar, just in time for the 2017 vintage harvest and wine-making.

The move of our winery from Chateau Mignan (thanks Christian Mignard) and installation in our new cellar were carried out on August 17th and 18th, as planned.

The 500 m2 warehouse of the old Siran distillery, at the beginning of last century one of the buildings of the village cooperative winery, have been totally refurbished to new standards in order to accommodate all our activities: vine-farming equipment, air-conditioned storage, winemaking cellar, barrel winery, office and reception / tasting …

Across the difficulties encountered in the last few months, success was met, thanks to all the very professional and involved craftsmen, under the leadership of the architect Stéphane Plaire from Béziers, specialized in this kind of activities. The deadlines were met,  « bravo » to all !

Soon more details on our new cellar…

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