Minervois – Cru La Livinière

  • A wine of Appellation d’Origine Controlée “Minervois La Livinière“, or Cru La Livinière, red by definition: on exceptional plots of the limited terroir of the “cru” of the Minervois, on the communes of La Livinière and Siran, allying vines of choice and the most favorable grounds for the expression of their respective qualities. This red wine is the result of the most demanding work both for the careful work of the vine corresponding to the strict  specifications of the appellation and the long and careful maturing. It concerns more than 5ha of parcels of Syrah and Grenache Noir, and represents 6,900 bottles for the 2015 vintage. Its wines are those of the “cru”, the most beautiful expression of the soil, with a long and neat breeding (18 months of aging of which 12 in barrels) and, if they are suitable for quick and easy young consumption, also have a good capacity of guard. We have gradually decided to go upmarket with more production of Cru La Livinière, a large part of our terroirs classified La Livinière being today “downgraded” in Minervois Rouge. We will produce 12,000 bottles of La Livinière for 2016, and around 20,000 for 2017.


  • Three wines of Appellation d’Origine Controlée “Minervois” : so far not less than 25,000 bottles of year in the three colours red (23,000 bottles in 2016), Rosé and a more confidential White (<2,000 bottles), corresponding to the traditional grape varieties of Minervois Appellation.  They are the expression of exceptional terroirs, including those of our “hidden combes”, Combe Violin, Combe qu’Espilho, lost in the middle of the scrubland of Petit-Causse, a$s well as highest parts of Minervois terroirs, and a demanding viticulture. They are wines with a strong personality, fruity, supple and suitable for consumption in the first years after harvest.

Single variety wines

  • Two varietal wines and unique terroirs. These wines enjoy the same level of requirements for vine growing and wine making requirements as the other productions of the domain: sustainable viticulture (in the process of organic certification, third year in 2017, 2018 vintage with organic label), low yields, manual harvest giving rise to a white wine of Viognier grape variety, and two red Malbec grapes (or 1,200 bottles) and Pinot Noir grapes . These three grape varieties from two small plots of 0,6 ha each, in the towns of La Livinière and Siran, respectively La Martelle and L’Enfer (Hell) are the expression of varietals that are poorly represented in Languedoc, for which our beautiful terroirs allow a particularly interesting expression. The choice of grap variety for these plots is an original choice, a bet on the exceptional adaptation of these soils to the expression of these original vines in Minervois … This marginal and singular production allows us to widen the range of wines produced on the market. domain by completing our range of Minervois and Minervois La Livinière quality by more confidential and very original productions.