Our Grape Varieties

Our estate cultivates a wide variety of traditional vines typical of the Minervois. But also some more original grape varieties:

The Minervois grape varieties for the red La Livinière
  •  Syrah (40% minimum): vines of 20 years on average.
  •  Black Grenache (20% minimum): old vines from 1934 and 1954 …
  • Cinsault
  •  Carignan: old vines from 1934.
The Grape Varieties of Minervois

Red Minervois :
Identical to those of Minervois La Livinière, similar terroirs also, but the proportion of syrah is reduced to 20%.

  •  Syrah (20% minimum)
  • Black Grenache Black
  • Cinsault
  • Carignan


White Minervois :

  • White Grenache

Minervois Rosé:

  • Black Grenache
  • Syrah
Single varietal wines

Three plots producing single varietal wines, planted, cultivated and vinified specifically:

  • Red: Pinot Noir (“L’Enfer” (“Hell”), Petit-Causse)
  •  Red: Côt / Malbec (Combe Marie, Petit-Causse)
  • White: Viognier (La Martelle, Siran)