A family affair: Matthias, Martin, Boris, Camille, Ludovic, Thibault, Philippe, Guilhem … and others
Les Combes Cachées, you have understood, is above all a matter of team. It is a project of friends in the broad sense, and also a family affair …
The family network got involved, without constraint, by simple interest and commitment to the cross-generation joint project.
• Matthias, Xavier’s son, recently graduated with a Master’s degree in International Wine Marketing in Bordeaux, who has developed his wine selling skills in New York, has been providing us with sound advice and marketing practices since the beginning of the project
• Martin, Michel’s eldest son, devoted his free time to set up in due time the cold circuit feeding all our 12 thermo-regulated tanks just before the harvest, without which we could not have succeeded in our wine-making process …
• Boris, another son of Xavier, offered us his graphic creativity to create the original drawing, derived from the terroirs of our combes, which serves as the basis for all our visual supports.
• Camille, Michel’s daughter, and his companion Ludovic, designed a web site in Florianópolis, Brazil, during a stopover in their world tour, with his younger brother Etienne, the official photographer of the Domaine .
• Martin, Thibault – the eldest son of Xavier – and Etienne, the younger son of Michel, took over the great works to establish our warehouse and tasting cellar in Toulouse.
• Philippe, François’s brother, a graphic designer, made it possible to finalize and decline all the visual media, and to print our first labels, in the emergency of course, but it was ready in time …
• Guilhem, Francois’ younger son, also took his first vine pruning course in the Galine Cinsault, and seems not only to have learned the lesson but to have acquired a taste for it.