Autumn wine fairs: very good return

The season of autumn wine fairs has allowed us to meet you again on the roads of France, from October to December: Nantes, Lyon, Thonon-Les-Bains, Paris (twice), and Toulouse. Very good returns for our new multi-award-winning new wines: Minervois Rouge Les Hauts de Siran 2016, Minervois Cru Livinière 2015 Les Trois Ecus … And a very encouraging welcome for our micro cuvees : tête de cuvée, Minervois Cru La Livinière : 2015 Axel vintage, 730 bottles … And our astonishing Viognier mellow 2017, Cuvée Guilhem.

We will take the road again at the end of January to continue our Tour de France.